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Wireless Nunchuk kit


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Almost everyone who owns a Wii knows how restrictive the cord (which connects the Wii remote and the Nunchuk) can be when it comes to play certain games. So why not transform your existing Wii Remote and Nunchuk into wireless gaming weapons.  Wireless Nunchuk kit is an inexpensive upgrade to utilise your existing Nunchuk, instead of buying an expensive new one to play your favourite Wii games.

Simply snap the wireless receiver at the bottom of your Wii Remote, insert your Nunchuk into the wireless housing, press the synch button and you are ready for non-stop, wireless gaming action. By doing so it also increase the length of the Nunchuk and makes it more comfortable to hold and play. An integrated LED status indicator lets you know when you are connected, synched and ready to game. Wireless Nunchuk kit is also 4-Player compatible, with Remote power button shut off. Wireless receiver and wireless housing units are supplied in the pack.

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