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Pokemon screen cleaner


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Pokemon screen cleaners are the latest addition to our genuine collectable Pokemon capsule toys merchandise.  Pokemon screen cleaners are not just pretty as danglers, they also double up as screen cleaners and very useful when it comes to clean the screens.  They also come with a cotton loop, so you can hang them on your mobile phone, Nintendo DS, DS Lite, or any other gadgets which might have a screen. If it has a screen, give it a clean.

Some of the much loved Pokemon characters are available in this series. There are 8 screen cleaners to collect and they are Pikachu,  Aipom, Chatot, Beedrill, Mantyke,  Meditite,  Buizel,and manaphy. All the Pokemon screen cleaners are blind packed and sealed inside a capsule. You will get one screen cleaner in a capsule. We have no way of telling what model you might get. Please check the product image for all the models available in this collection.