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Micropets-i – Mocha


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Product Description

Micropets-i is probably the world’s smallest cutest robotic pet with some sense if you consider the artificial intelligence it has built in. For those who remember the original Micropets by Tomy few years back Micropets-i is the second generation of Micropets with some serious moves and infra red sensor built-in. Micropets-i have 4 basic modes and are simply activated by tapping your finger in front of them.
We are stocking four popular Micropets-i from the first series. They are Mocha, Milk, Seasmi and Rose Hips. All the Micropets-i are from the cat series and we will stock Micropets-i dogs and bears in the future.

Micropets-i features:

  • Chase mode –  Micropets-i will they chase a ball(included) or other things that roll or move.
  • Stroll mode –  Micropets-i will run around on a flat surface, but smart enough to avoid obstacles.
  • Song mode – Micropets-i will sing a unique song on their own.
  • Duet mode –  Micropets-i will sing together, when  they meet other Micro pets-i.

What’s in the Micropets-I pack?

  • One Micropets-i
  • One small ball

Please note, this is not a toy and not suitable for small children. Genuine Japanese Tomy Takara import with Japanese packing and supplied with official English insructions.