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Hover Q


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Product Description

The Hover-Q is supposed to be the smallest indoor infrared hovercraft in the world and whatever the case may it is worth every penny for sure. Hover-Q has a flexible skirt lift system which can be inflated in a second, a propulsion fan and rudders for steering. Even though Hover-Q is just small enough to fit in your palm, it has forward, right and left control.

Supplied remote control unit also acts as a charger and only takes 10 minutes to charge the Hover-Q. Once charged it can run up to 5 minutes before the next charge. Hover-Q is available in 2 different bands, so racing two of them is not an issue as long as you have two different models. Hover-Q is also supplied with built in Li-Ion battery. Remote control unit needs 4 AA batteries.

Available in 4 colours. Not suitable for children due to small parts.